Goan Artist


The State of Goa is proud of its heritage and art Kala Academy has been holding State Art Exhibitions since long, as the contribution from the Government. Fundacao Oriente came with a delegation to Goa in 94. Till two years back art was more of a camouflage, some catalogues had been sponsored annually.But all this changed drastically with the general growing interest in art and Goan artists.Many tourists started taking a keen intrest in local artista who had an abundance of untapped talent.

Goa Art

Every culture expresses their genius in different ways. But what gave art a real as well unexpected - boost, was the Heritage Festival in Fontainhas, Panjim in January 2002. Which became an instant hit and hugely popular.It made art more credible than it was before and Goans saw for the first time the creations of their homegrown products: it must have been like a cultural shock for many of them as the art work produced by some of the Goan artists was compared to art work of They streamed into the improvised galleries in thousands; something unheard in Goa before Goa has changed and the development of art is clearly visible. However it is still simmering under a cover: like a bird that is not born yet, just trying to break the eggshell. Art is still far away from being a major factor in society as it is today in Mumbai or Delhi. It only got noticed

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