Goan Artist

With the booming tourism Goa has been actually blessed in many ways; without foreigners there would be no art-scene in Goa. In the beginning of the 90ties "The Flying Dutchman" saw the opportunity and started a highly noticed and successful Gallery. Mohan Naik, Suhas Shilker and Rajashree Thakkar "were born" there. After his closure Art Chamber, Galeria de Belas Artes was established in 1997/98 and continued this work. From a small group of 5, 6 artists, now suddenly all the latent talents got a chance to exhibit, not only young artists who never really exhibited, but lecturers, senior artists, and international guys as well. This was the time when people began seriously looking at art.!

Subodh Kerkar was a lone man who has been promoting art much befor it became fashionable in Goa; he was very successful even before "the Flying Dutchman" came onto the scene, but he remained all these years a 'solo entertainer' which had little impact on the whole development in the state. Subodh Kerkar received his initial art education from his artist father, Mr. Chandrakant Kerkar. By the time he was 15 years old, Subodh could paint masterly watercolor landscapes which he exhibited in local galleries in Goa. Subodh was a student of merit throughout his high school education and took admission at medical school at the age of 18. As a student, he was a regular illustrator and cartoonist for local and national newspapers. After completing his medical studies in 1983, Subodh ran his own hospital for 6 years in Goa before giving up his medical profession for his passion, visual art. In 1991 he worked for Dale Carnegie Syndicate in Germany illustrating management books with 100 silent cartoons. For the last 20 years Subodh has been a full-time practicing artist experimenting with different media. He lives and works in Goa, India and is the Founder and Director of the Kerkar Art Complex, Calangute, Goa, founded in 1992. Lately he has started using his gallery to promote local artists and artists from abroad who can exhibit at his gallery which is beautiful and hugely popular in goa.Another crusader of art in Goa is Yolanda de souza whose Art Chamber, Galeria de belas Artes in Calangute is an amazing treat for all art lovers.The gallery exhibits not only famous and upcoming Goan artists but also Indian and many International artists. Some Goan arists who exhibit with her are Mario Miranda,Theodor Mesquita,Sonia Rodrigues,Raj Bhandare,Seby Akkar,Vamona Navelcart, oday there are at least 20 galleries, apart from museums and libraries and other institutions functioning in the state. And the trend, is upward.

Goa has changed and the development of art is clearly visible. However it is still simmering under a cover: like a bird that is not born yet, just trying to break the eggshell. Art is still far away from being a major factor in society as it is today in Mumbai or Delhi. It only got noticed.