Artist Profile

A. P. Santhanaraj

Date of Birth :1932


  • At the age of sixteen he was given admission in the college of Arts & Craft on a special ground by the G.O. of Tamil Nadu. In the year 1948.
  • He completed successfully a course of six years and distinction with gold medal, further he did a research course known as P.G. at the same college under eminent artist Devi Prasath Roy Choudry for two years.


  • In the year ninetten (1957) during the same year he won the National Award from Central Lalit Kala Academy from President of India Dr. Rajendraprasath. In the year 1958 at the request of the Principal K.C.S.Panikar. He was appointed as a Lecture in the same college where he made all his professional studies.
  • During the year 1962 he won the National Award by the President of India Dr.Radha Krishnan.
  • Won Gold Medal from the all India Fine Art Society in the year 1958 from Culcutta. He also commissioned to do portrait for Parliament of India. His Paintings where exhibited in the Common Wealth Art Festival , Londan in the year 1967 and Brazal Trinale.
  • In 1962 All India Fine Art Society honoured Veterent Artist from New Delhi. He was also appointed as Professor on lean to Kerala Government Service during 1975.
  • During 1978 he was given Kerala State Award also for his painting. In 1983 Tamil Nadu lalit Kala Academy honored Kalai Chammal Award. Tamil Nadu and Culture Department honored for distinction of services in the art education.
  • Now in the year 1990 retired from service as principal from College of Art & Craft, Madras.
  • In the year 1995 Kalaimamani Award given by the honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
  • All India Fine Art Society honored 1997 Kala Rathna, by the Governor of Delhi.

Art Shows / Exhibitions

  • His paintings were acquire time in various art galleries including Central Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Madras Museum, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Kerala and his paintings auction in Bombay.
  • Now practicing painting with discovery from Traditional Art of India with more contemporary conviction.