Artist Profile

Born on 27th June 1975 in Lucknow; India
Self-taught watercolour artist
Qualification: B.A. from India; PGD from London
Zodiac: Cancer

I started painting at the age of 2, when I won my first painting competition. I developed a hobby of animation drawing while in school which grew into a serious past time. My love for colours and landscape was noticed by everyone in various local exhibitions and competitions I took part in as a child. I specially like doing florals and still life and feel inspired by the works of early 16th century European artists.

I was approached by British Fine Art Gallery in 2000 for displaying my work on-line for them. I have been marketing my art work ever since and have met many different artists and celebrities from various fields of art and entertainment through my work.

I have personally promoted my work extensively in India and UK which has attracted tremendous response from everywhere. I have also been influenced by Russian artists of St. Petersburg, a place close to my heart for its immense beauty and talent.