Artist Profile

Anwar Khan, who goes by the name Anwar in the art world, was born in 1964 in Ambha, a small Madhya Pradesh town. From his early days as a student of art, Anwar has really traveled far to become the mature artist that he is today. Fighting against the trend towards figuration that was popular during his stint at Gwalior, Anwar was guided in Bhopal by the late eminent artist J. Swaminathan in developing a personal visual vocabulary and using it to communicate through his art. Swaminathan, as a teacher and mentor, introduced Anwar to the philosophy of Sufism and the principles of light and love that guide his work today. Before this his abstracts displayed insensitive angles and biting edges, now Anwar makes his statement just as powerfully but much more quietly, having learnt to manipulate colour and texture to his advantage. Most of his Anwar\'s recent works show a clear vertical division of the painted surface with an almost central line, often splitting the paper into two contrasting colors and pulling all the activity on the surface towards it. Anwar grinds his own pigments to make the pastel colors he builds his surface in layers with. Using dry pastels to mark these opaque layers in an almost calligraphic manner and sometimes weaving or pasting painted material or the surface, Anwar creates relief like lyrical pieces that communicate his thoughts and emotions fully.