Artist Profile

Arvind Patil

Date of Birth : 2th June 1961


  • Foundation from Dalvi’s Institute Kolhapur

Work Experience

  • 1990 – Freelance Artist.

Art Shows / Exhibitions

  • 1999 – Bombay Art Society Annual Exhibition, Mumbai, India
  • 1985 – Rangoli based on legendary Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Kagal, India
  • 1984 – Rangoli and painting Kolhapur, India

One Step Closer…

Colours, they are the greatest magicians! They have the power to capture anybody’s mind. When colours play together, they create a mesmeric drama which makes you forget yourself and take through a whole new world.

Colours act as they are directed. I have directed my colours with a positive attitude, which is reflected in my paintings. Colours in my paintings represent inspiration, hope and energy. These ingredients are a perfect blend for the recipe which will take you One Step Closer to Progress.”

Painting started as a hobby for this artist. Encouraged by the appreciation from his family and friends, he decided to take his art seriously. He admitted himself in Dalvi’s Institute of Art, Kolhapur in the year 1984 along with his third year in commerce college.

As hobby he used to paint, in poster colour, paintings of reputed artists like lLate Mulgaokar, Late Dalal, Late S.M.Pandit. Since then until now, an impression of these artists can be seen in Arvind’s realistic art.

After completing his foundation course in painting, he joined Kalaniketan, Kolhapur, for Applied Arts, but gave it up. He used to accept commercial works for publications as front cover artist. His first cover and a calendar was printed in the year 1985. Impressed by his work a publication called Manorama Prakashan invited him to the city of dreams Mumbai in 1986. Since then Arvind has capitalised over the Marathi publication industry in the whole Maharashtra state. An unknown face soon came into limelight when he designed covers for reputed authors like Late Shanta Shelke, Pandharinath Sawant, Late Shrikant Sinkar, Ramchandra Sadekar, Shaileja Raje, Vasudha Patil, Vamanrao Deshpande, Dr. Nagarsekar, Pandit Kishanlal Sharma and a renouned politician Balasaheb Thakerey. All these personalities are well known authors in fields of social, emotional episodes, devotional, medical, political and astrological knowledge. Arvind also worked as a special calendar artist for 7 years at IFFCO (A fertilizer Company in India).

Arvind has also painted illustrations on ‘Dyaneshwari’, a mythological story.

After almost 21 years of experience in realistic field, this artist decided to walk the path of contemporary art. During his art college, he was introduced to many popular artists and M.F.Hussain’s liveliness an evergreen personality influenced the artist’s attitude towards life. Although, his style of painting still remains uninfluenced and exclusive. He believes that his paintings speak the positive energy of his mind due to which the images created on canvas visualize a whole new world