Artist Profile

B.G. Gujjarappa popularly known as Gujjar.

B.G. Gujjarappa popularly known as Gujjar, has been working with different media firms for over 30 years now and is currently working at his own studio in Bangalore, India. Gujjar started as a lecturer of history. He was among the initial team that started Lankesh Patrika as a cartoonist who soon found a place among the discerning Kannada readers for his unique style of illustrations. He continued to work for Deccan Herald and Praja Vani, two of the flagship media brands in Karnataka, for nearly 17 years trying his hand at illustrations, political cartoons and caricatures. He also pursued his favourite hobby of writing and illustrating for children. To his credit are numerous national and international awards. In the late nineties he entered the world of interactive graphics and Multimedia. After three decades of experimenting with numerous styles of drawing, Gujjar came out of corporate life to dedicate his time extensively to painting for the last two years. His romance with lines, colours and the beautiful order in nature soon found expressions as unique paintings. He sees them as a tribute to God, the eternal potmaker, who shapes Man out of Earth. His favourite painting medium is acrylic on canvas and handmade paper.

His Style

Unique themes, strong lines, order and harmony in forms, related colour schemes, inter-connectedness of the human form and natural elements, universal love – all are characteristic of Gujjar’s style. He draws his inspiration from the early masters of modern art; the Bengal and the Bombay school of paintings and blends them to give a distinct flavour that does not find catagorization. The free spirit that he is, Gujjar likes it that way. As a true student of mother nature and the arts, Gujjar says he is discovering something new every day and his best is yet to come.

About The Potmaker

The inspiration for Potmaker comes from an ancient Tamil Parable by a famous philosopher. The story goes that there was once a caretaker in Paradise who sought the blessings of a potmaker for 10 months and got an exquisite pot made. The excited caretaker danced in mindless ecstacy. He danced and danced until without realizing his folly, he dropped the pot!

Gujjar's paintings are a tribute to God who shapes Man out this Earth. The natural expression of love and the subtle interconnectedness of Man with Nature are all pervading in his paintings. There is a silent appeal in his lines to us to save the precious pot of life and not to lose it in our senseless dance for the small things of life.