Artist Profile


His parents were ardent follower of the religious tenents of the Ramkrishna Mission. He himself spent most of his life as a Director of the Art Museum and the Art Gallery of Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Calcutta. Lives and works in Kolkata.


  • Studied at Kala Bhavan under Nandalal Bose, Santiniketan.


  • 1993 Restrospective of his works, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Calcutta.


  • Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.


Lyrical and romantic, his work is typical of the Bengal School and reminiscent of Nandalal Bose who was his mentor. He is inspired by the simplicity and uncomplicated lives of the rustics. His canvases have a radiant innocence that is strongly reminiscent of an earlier era when life had a dignity and graciousness. A very distinct characteristic of Bandopadhyay`s work is the recurrent use of a palette that comprises principally of reds, browns, greens and whites. For almost four decades, he has consistently employed the same colours. Mythology is his favourite subject. He has painted the ancient and rich cultural heritage of his country, numerous Gods and Goddesses and fascinating tales that abound in the literature of India. This strong bias towards religious subjects is in part attributed to his upbringing. Not that he lives completely in the past and is unobservant of modern day life. In fact, all his canvases are firmly rooted in contemporary style and technique.