22/04/1930 - 1966




Artist Profile


He was born in Calcutta, West Bengal. Founder Member of the `Calcutta Painters` group. Founder Member of the Society of Contemporary Artists, Calcutta. Founder Member of the `Chitrangshu Group`, Calcutta. Illustrator in Bengali News Weeklies, `Darpan` and `Janasebak Saptahik`.


  • 1950-55 Studied in Govt. College of Art & Craft, Calcutta. He also did his Diploma in Sculpture from the same School.


1954 First solo show in Calcutta. 1954,55.56,60 Group exhb. in Bombay. 1959,60,61,62,65 Solo show in Calcutta. 1963 Group show in Calcutta. 1964 1964 Eight Painters from Calcutta, AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi. 1965 Group show in New Delhi. 1962 Exhb. of his Paintings, Art and Prints Gallery, Calcutta. Joint exhb. with sculptor Sarbari - Roychowdhury, German Cultural Institute, Max Muller Bhavan, Calcutta. 1966-1967 Drawings & Rolling Pictures from India, organised by Ministry of the German Democratic Republic, German- South East Asian Society in the German Democratic Republic, Association of Painters and Sculptors of German, organised in Dresden, Halle, Madgeburg and then it travelled around other cities like Berlin and Munich in Germany. 1966 An exhb. of painting and sculpture, dedicated to the memory of Alberto Giacometti, Artistry House, Calcutta. 1967 Retrospective Exhb. (selection from 1950-66), organised by Sm. Bina Biswas at the Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta.


National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. Ebrahim Alkazi, New Delhi. Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta.ata. Neville Tuli, Bombay. Jane and Kito de Boer, Dubai. Mukund and Neerja Lath, Jaipur. Parshant Tulsiyan, Calcutta. Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.


  • 1956 The Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, honoured him with a Gold Medal for being, the best exhibit in modern art.


He is a realist with strong expressionistic tendencies. Art for him could not be reduced to terms of aesthetic sensation alone. He therefore tried to make a subjective statement that reflects the tragedy of the human condition. His swirling or swelling figures, both human and animal, burst the bounds of normal anatomy by sheer force of vitality.


Art Lecturer in Mira Institute, Calcutta.