Artist Profile

Deepam an emerging and versatile artist born in 1975, was fond of art right from her childhood days. Nurturing art since then, developed more interest by her mid age and eventually evolved with full-fledged hand. She began to learn seriously in the later half of her career. With her own interest towards art, she could make a way to do the following courses.

  • Intermediate Grade Drawing Examination, Govt. of Maharastra,1989
  • Diploma in Oil Painting from Chitra Chaman College of Arts and Art Studio, Dehradun 1992
  • Bachelors in Drawing and Painting, Dehradun, 1994.

As a reflection of versatility, she experimented with various textures. Unleashing her creativity, a fine collection of landscapes in watercolors involves her search for patterns and relationships. Her paintings are fuelled by her memories back home of scenic beauty of valley of Himalayas.

Painting a landscape encourages you look intently and begin to see the world through the artist’s eye. The more you look, the more you intrigue. You will begin to notice the quality of light, color of shadows, shape of trees, reflections and changing cloud form. To paint landscape directly from the nature, watercolor is probably the most convenient of all painting media. It is a versatile media and can be used to create a range of effect.

Owing to these merits, she eventually developed a zestful eye especially towards Landscapes and Watercolor painting claiming a successful journey in the art world.

She also had her group exhibition recently in Hyderabad.