Artist Profile


Date of Birth : 7th July 1972


  • G.D Art (painting).


  • 1995 V.V Oak Exhibition First Prize.


  • 2006 Dusk Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2004 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2006 Nehru Centre, Mumbai
  • 2005 100 Contemporary India Artist, Mumbai.
  • 2003,01 Lagas (Ikoyi Cresent).
  • 2003 New York.
  • 2003 Kalart Gallery, San Francisco.
  • 2003 Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune.
  • 2003 Khushboo Art Gallery, Pune.
  • 2003 Gallery Swastika, New Delhi.
  • 2003 Gallery Art Resource Trust, Mumbai.
  • 2003 Artimiator Gallery, Netherland.


Every person is different from another. The mind, body, thought, soul of every person is different from one another. Not only this but there are many other aspects of a person that make him divine. By an individual’s personality every man is unique. One may be an introvert, the other be extrovert, one may be honest, one may be kind, and many other qualities like generous, dedicated, not only good qualities but also the bad qualities in man are different. One must be jealous, the other being dishonest, rude. A man has one or the other qualities whether bad or good. But how can we decide what exactly is he?

Who decides that the man is honest, brave, short tempered? Who is it that gives the man this label (stamp)? How can one evaluate the person in once glimpse how much does he know the person.

An individual gains different label(Stamp) from the society. How can we decode what they are true. When the individual is known as calm and good person in society how can he harm the other person living in same society. We know that man is not born criminal. But under what situation it happens that man commits a crime and then society now labels him as criminal. Is the man really a criminal? Sometime the society labels certain community in the society as criminals. To what extent would it be right? If we look at different aspects of individuals rather the labels he has received from the Society or his close ones, then are we successful in understanding him a human being? Can we understand his behavior? Or would he be a different personality altogether?

Will I be successful in evaluating myself through the different labels that I get from the society, or do I have to dwell deep in to my self to get the answer? In spite of the innumerable labels that I get from the society I feel an urge to know really about my feeling, my thoughts, that is the inner voice and this is what I am trying to show through my paintings.