1898 - 1951




Artist Profile


Hirachand Dugar was born in a Jain family which migrated from Rajasthan to Jiaganj, Murshidabad. When Asit Kumar Halder took over the charge of Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan, along with him he took Ardhendu Bandhopadhyay, Dhirendra Krishna Deb Burman and Hirachand Dugar from Calcutta. He never followed his teacher`s style, always looked forward to create his own style. He was a nature lover and observed nature very intricately and was also interested in gardening. He never painted fast and he used to take at least six to seven months to complete a painting. 1921 Visited Kashmir, which is a very important event in his life. 1925,26 After his father`s and wife`s death he couldn`t paint for a long period. 1946 Visited Rajgir, where he again started landscape painting. He loved working in water colour and pencil. He was not interested in oil painting, with the insistence of Debi Prasad Roychowdhury he painted few in oils. He was basically a very skillful artist


  • 1916 Studied under Principal Percy Brown and Asit Haldar, Government School of Art, Calcutta.
  • 1919 worked under Rabindranath Tagore and Nandalal Bose, Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan.
  • Studied the techniques of miniscule ivory and mica paintings under the guidance of Ishwari Prasad Barma, Patna.


  • 1950 First solo exhb. of his works painted between (1945-50), Kumar Singh Hall, Calcutta.
  • 1990 Solo exhb., Gallery Shivam, Calcutta.
  • 2001 Paintings by Hirachand Dugar, from the collection of Indian Museum and Rabindra Bhavan Museum, Indian Museum Exhb. Hall, Kolkata.
  • 2004 Manifestations II, organised by Delhi Art Gallery, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai and Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 2005 Manifestations III, organised by Delhi Art Gallery, Nehru Center, Mumbai and Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.


  • Indian Museum, Kolkata.
  • Rabindra Bhavan Museum, Santiniketan.
  • Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.