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Artist Profile

Born - 20.11.1972.
Living - NOW


The conception of art in my mind has always been a subtle perhaps even subliminal osmosis of the hectic everyday world combined with the restlessness ambiguity. Hence I have found it very slow to create such works on a consistent basis. In my studies during course work for Art History I have always reveled in Eastern art ranging from the Middle East to East and the Orient. However, invariably I have always found that what has been taught is art from the past, a different world and a different era from the modern world and modern influences.

I do believe there is a certain dedication one must have to keep up with the trends of the ART world on a global scene, something admittedly I haven't done. However, what has been an evident reality for my work is that my frequent trips to Goa specifically have contributed to the greater awareness of my own sensibilities to an untapped artist fervor within me that is inherently Indian. This sense of duality between my two worlds, North America and India have created the ebb and flow for my creative melodrama and the first such collection of work for the year 2004.

This latest series of drawings is my first series in nearly 10 years, and as with every piece of art in my collection, I presume that there is some underlying theme involved. I will not try and pretend to understand or provide any insight to this but rather offer that each work is an extension of some detached sojourn dreams that have died many years ago or perhaps continue to be recycled through my inner subconscious even today.