(b b.1948)




Artist Profile

Hemi had her first solo show at Shridharani Gallery in 1980.Starting by enrolling herself at the Triveni Studios Hemi has been painting and working with glass. Tough and fragile - two contradictions sit comfortably on her.It is these very qualities a razor sharp strength and fragility of the medium that prevents Hemi from ever leaving glass.She indetifies with the inherentdualities present in glass. From photo transfers on glass,embedding of copper before firing, primeval cutouts of metal figures in glass tease the eye into submission.Her list of shows is numerous.In 1996, Coca cola commissioned her to make a sculpture for the Olympic games.In 1999, solo show in London 'Frozen Fire'.In 2001 she represented India in sculpture at 'The Park Hotel'Chennai. In 02' she received the Habitat Arts Commendation for the Best Artists show. The artist lives and works in Delhi.