Artist Profile


Born: 1973


  • 3yr diploma in Western style of painting from the Academy of Fine Arts (AFA), Kolkata 1999

Exhibitions: 2000

(i) First group exhibition at the AFA, Kolkata under the group name ‘PRASHNO’.
(ii) Participated in ‘ART WALK’ organised by Spandan Art Gallery and the Oberoi Group.
(iii) Group show ‘Art For Giving’ at Surendra Paul Gallery, N.Delhi, organised by Spandan.


  • Group show at the HSBC Bank, Kolkata.
  • Duo exhibition at the AFA, Kol in June.
  • Group show and art camp at the Oberoi Grand , Kol, organised by Spandan and Oberoi.
  • Duo exhibition at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, N.Delhi in November.
  • First solo exhibition at the AFA, Kolkata in June.
  • Art camp and exhibition at Hiland Park, Kol, organised by Spandan and Hiland Park
  • Art camp and show at Taj Bengal Oganised by The Taj Bengal.


  • Art Walk '04 at the Oberoi Grand, Kolkata.
  • Exhibition at the Chemould Gallery, Kolkata.
  • 2nd Solo Exhibition at the Academy Of Fine Arts, Kolkata in April 2005
  • Preview show at Verandah Art Gallery, Kolkata in April 2005
  • 3rd Solo Show at the Chemould Gallery, Kolkata in December 2005


  • Group Show at The Taj Bengal Organised by The Taj Bengal & Verandah Art Gallery.
  • 4th Solo Show at the Chemould Gallery, Kolkata in January 2007
  • 5th Solo Show at the Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata in 14-19 August 2007


  • India and abroad.

I have always enjoyed painting faces.. they are not necessarily of people I know, most often they are imaginary. They are not copies of photographs, I try to present the subjects in a straight on, direct pose to bring out aspects of their personalities that would be lost in a mere photograph. My aim is simplicity, the bare essentials. The works are in charcoal and acrylic on canvas, sometimes with a touch of dark cadmium red. There is a quality in black and white which I find to be very different from colour and charcoal to be a very fascinating medium.