17/04/1901 - 1992




Artist Profile


Born in Kandy, Sri Lanka. 1926 Started painting. 1930s His interest in Indian philosophy and religion led to the poetic phase. 1940 Completed the frescoes of the life of Buddha, Gotami Vihara, Borella, Colombo. Wrote several books of poems.


  • Self-taught artist with no academic training in art.
  • Studied at Trinity College, London.


  • 1915 Exhb., Trinity College, London.
  • 1916 Exhb., Ceylon Society of Arts, Sri Lanka.
  • 1928 Exhb. in the honour of W.W. Beling, Sri Lanka.
  • 1929 Group exhb., Art Club, Sri Lanka.
  • 1930 Exhb., Zwemmer Gallery, London.
  • 1932 Joint exhb. with Geoffrey Beling, Motor Show Room, Sri Lanka.
  • 1936 Group exhb., Colombo Art Gallery, Sri Lanka.
  • 1947 Exhb. in Bombay.
  • 1953 Exhb., AIFACS in collaboration with Group 43, New Delhi.
  • 1954 Exhb., The Institute of Contemporary Art, London.
  • 1954 Exhb., The Art Institute, Rotterdam.
  • 1956 Solo exhb., Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka.
  • 1968 Solo exhb., Samudra Gallery, Colombo.
  • 1972 Solo exhb., Lionel Wendt Memorial, Colombo.
  • 1974 Solo exhb., Commonwealth Art Gallery, London.
  • 1974 Exhb., Commonwealth Art Gallery, London.
  • 1975 Solo exhb. organised by French Embassy in association with Kalagaraya Gallery and The French Club, Sri Lanka.
  • 1975 Selected Paintings and Drawings by George Keyt, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.


  • Lionel Wendt Memorial Centre, Colombo.
  • Colombo Art Gallery, Sri Lanka.
  • National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.
  • Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
  • Robinson Club, Bentota.
  • Sir Roland Penrose.
  • Martin Russell.
  • Ceylon University, Kandy.


  • 1915 Awarded Trinity College Prize, London.
  • 1968 Awarded honorary D. Litt., Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka.
  • 1970 Awarded for services rendered to the nation in the field of art by The Ceylon Society of Art, Sri Lanka.