1910 - 2000




Artist Profile


She was born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. 1949-52 Tibetan masks, ritual dance and other aspects of Buddhist Art in Sikkim, influenced her works. 1968 Govt. of India sent her on Cultural Exchange Programme to Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


1936-40 Diploma in Painting, J.J. School of Art, Bombay. 1940-41 Post Graduation in Mural Painting, J.J. School of Art, Bombay. 1956 Studied ceramic art. 1953-77 Joined as an Art Teacher and later became the Head of the Art Dept., Modern Art School, New Delhi.


1941 First solo show at Calcutta. 1942 Joint exhb. with Kanwal Krishna, Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi. 1943 Joint exhb. with husband Kanwal Krinsha. 1946 UNESCO International, Paris. 1947 Paricipated in Inter Asian Art exihibition. 1947 International Exhition, London. 1947 Exhb. of Tibet, Kashmir and North West Frontier at AIFACS New Delhi. 1951 Exhb. at Rome. 1952 Exhb. at Sapsburg, Norway. 1952 Exhb. at Gallery Caplen, Norway. 1952 Exhb. at Gallery Aesthetica, Stockholm. 1956 Exhb. of ceramics, Kunika Gallery, New Delhi. 1957 Exhb. of ceramics, Artists Club Romania. 1958 Exhb. of batiks, New Delhi. 1957 Joint show with Kanwal Krishna, Artists Club, Romania. 1962 Exhb. of drawings in conte and felt pen, Kumar Gallery, 1965 Exhb. of `War` series painting, Kumar Gallery, New Delhi. 1970 Participated in International Triennale, Sweden. 1972 Graphic Triennale, Germany. 1974 Exhb. of graphics, `Bom Bom Bhole` series, Gallery Chanakya, New Delhi. 1975 Solo exhb


Ben and Abbey Grey Foundation, USA. Botanical Museum, London. Punjab Museum, Chandigarh. LKA, New Delhi. Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi. AIFACS, New Delhi. JDR 3rd Foundation, New York. Pusa Institute, New Delhi. Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC. NGMA, New Delhi. Neville Tuli and Osians Connoisseurs of Art Archive, Mumbai. Jane and Kito de Boer, Dubai. Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.


1946 Award, Inter Asian Art Exhb. 1968 Govt. Scholarship to travel in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. 1988,89 Honored with Sahitya Parishad Samman. 1999-2001 Human Resource Development Ministry honored Devyani with an emeritus fellowship for her contribution to Indian Art.


From the beginning itself Devayanis works speak of a strong sense of design with colour harmony and broad compositional aspect. She works with public themes and maneuvers it with subtle but powerful lines. The series of works like Bam Bam Bhole and What and Where etc. are not at all barely temporal or socio-political in intent. They are rather rehearsals of a pure spirit in its essential form. The spirit is revealed through the signs and symbols. The calligraphic lettering, tridents or other signs in the works represents the rising of human spirit. Her prints and paintings resist temporal erosion. The line of her works are forceful yet simple and have a primitive character. The patterns and the swirling lines have glow seems to be coming out from within. Devayani Krishna speaks in the universal language. She reflects the mundane reality from the point of creative imagination.


1954 She joined as Teacher, Modern School, New Delhi. 1968 Govt. Scholarship to travel in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia . 1977 Retired as Head of the Art Dept. of Modern School, New Delhi.