Loretti Pinto


Loretti Pinto




Artist Profile

Educational Qualification : M.A. Graphics, M.S. University Baroda, 2005.
BFA Painting, Goa, University,2003

Participations :

  • Exhibition 'explorations' for the National Museum For Women in the Arts, 2007.
  • 7th Bharat Bhavan International, Biennial of print - Art 2006,India.
  • 48th National Exhibition of art, India - 2006
  • Group show : Print makers Atelier -2006, Lakshana Museum of arts, Chennai.
  • Exhibition of Tsunami victims funds, Faculty of Fine Arts, .M.S. University Baroda-2005
  • Fontainhas Art festival, Goa 2005
  • Lokmanya Tilak Art Exhibition Pune 2005
  • 71st All India Exhibition of Art Amritsar 2005
  • 70th All India Exhibition of Art 2004, Amritsar
  • Goa State Art exhibition - 2002
  • Goa State Art Exhibition - 2001

Awards :

  • 71st All India Exhibition of Arts, Amritsar 2005 (Silver Plaque)
  • Certificate of Merit, Lokmanya Tilak Art Exhibition, Pune, 2005
  • Smt. Gopi Cabai V. Dempo Memorial Prize, 2003
  • Merit Prize, Gold Medal 5th year Goa College of Arts 2003

Scholarships :

  • HRD Scholarship 2005 - 2007
  • Lalit Kala Scholarship 2005 - 2006

In the above works I've tried to represent symbolically the old way of life giving way to the new. Tradition being replaced by modernity and entangled amidst it a section of society unable to reach the high standards of modern life.

A city today, is a city transformed into computerized cosmopolitan power house, which spreads it's tentacles over everything in it's wake, seemingly resembling a gigantic parasite, thriving, throbbing and functioning with a life of it's own, with a tendency towards chaos.

But right in the heart of this cosmopolitan giant, on it's street, is a different story, of untold abjection afflicting it like a wound inspite of all it's outward boasting of a very glamorous and advanced high tech life. This is a section of society unable to be a part of the modern world, even though they exist right at it, heart. We see poverty stricken slum areas breeding children who are very much aware of the world around them, and who look and dream, that sometime in the future they will be living a life of which they were never a apart of.

The vastness of the chasm between these two sections is what I've tried to capture in my etchings.