1878 - 1952




Artist Profile


He was born in Cochin, Kerala. 1910 He came to Bombay. After his graduation from the Madras School, he worked in his brother`s photographic studio, Madras. 1914-19 During the First World War, because of his part-German descent, Mller was asked by the British Govt. in India either to remain interned or to join the volunteer reserve force. He joined the reserve force and won admiration for his lively sketches and drawings. 1922 Accepted Maharaja of Bikaner`s assignment. Recorded hunting trips of the Maharaja. After 1928 employed as a court Artist of the Maharaja of Jodhpur.


  • 1900`s Studied at Govt. College of Arts and Crafts, Madras.


1910`s Exhibited various paintings on Nationalistic Themes. 1911 Exhb., Bombay Art Society, Bombay. 2003 Manifestations, organised by Delhi Art Gallery, World Trade Center, Mumbai and Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi. 2004 Manifestations II, organised by Delhi Art Gallery, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai and Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi. 2005 Manifestations III, organised by Delhi Art Gallery, Nehru Center, Mumbai and Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.


  • Govt. Museum, Sangli. Royal Family, Bikaner. Royal family Jodhpur. Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.


1911 Won the Gold Medal, Bombay Art Society exhb. for his painting `Princess Giving Gift to a Brahmin Boy`, inspired by Ravi Varmas painting on the similar theme, Bombay. 1912 Governors Prize `The Naga Princess`, Bombay Art Society, Bombay. 1913-15 Won Prizes for his paintings `The daughter of Maulana brought before Shivaji`, `Shakuntala in the Court of Dushyanta`, `Cochin, Backwaters`, `Usha and Aniruddha`.


Muller`s paintings are fine examples of painting in the academic realistic style. His paintings depicts Indian draperies and local background, his figures are tall and well built, like Greaco - Roman figures. The paintings were usually done with transparent watercolour.