1890 - 15/01/1954




Artist Profile


Born in a family of artists in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. His real name was Baburao Krsihnaji Mistry. He earned the nickname of `Painter` due to his excellence in painting. He was a self-taught artist who excelled in both oil paintings and sculptures. His excellence in traditional sculpture is also evident in the huge statue of Mahatma Gandhi, which is located in Kolhapur. Apart from painting and sculpture he also excelled in woodcarving and other contemporary art forms like theatre and films. His film career started as the assistant to the famous Daba Saheb Phalke. Later on he went on to become one of the noted producer directors of his age. In 1917 he established the Maharashtra Film Company, which produced several silent films and talkies. His lavish productions were mainly based on Historical and statue of mahatma Gandhi, which is located in Kolhapur. Also were mainly based on Historical and Mythological events.


  • Self taught.


The use of color in his paintings is highly influenced by the Classical European Style. He was also a great follower of European Romanticism.