Artist Profile

Paul is an exciting new talent, whose work one just can't resist. He draws inspiration from the Church and his works are a vibrant reminder of gothic chapels, stained glass windows and all the grandeur of Christian worship. Says the artist, "The best part about art is that it is open to the viewer’s interpretation. My art is a catharsis of sorts where I sit for hours doing a painting, just letting the energy guide me.”

An Anglican by religion, Paul has used his images of Christianity as he remembers it as a child. Over the years he says, he has become more spiritual rather than religious. “This is my fourth exhibition, but this one is unlike the previous ones. Earlier I painted a lot of surrealistic art, but they always had a spiritual bent,” said the artist. A few of the paintings have been gilted, rather the canvas has first been overlaid with gold and then painted upon, while the rest are all oil on canvas and then varnished for protection. Since Paul is also a design consultant, it has taken him longer than expected to complete this collection. “Four years, that’s how long it has taken me to put together this show. I actually stopped consulting for some time since it interfered with my painting. I needed to focus on one aspect at a time,” he added.

While the paintings have been framed using old teak wood, the chicken eggs have been mounted on brass stands placed in rosewood bowls and covered for protection with a glass lid. These are priced at Rs. 6,000 each while the paintings are from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 54,000.

One of the interesting pieces is a nine-part series titles ‘The Prophets of Paradise’ which has been created using Paul’s own imaginary paradise with strong Byzantine and Florentine influences. And another depicting the Angel Gabriel and Mother Mary is a three-part series. Paul takes the second part of this show to Delhi in December and returns to the city next year with his sixth show.