Artist Profile

Poonam Southey

Date of Birth : 1974


1993-97, Poonam has completed (B.F.A) Bachelor Of Fine Arts in applied art from Delhi Art College, Delhi University.

1992-96 has done 4 yrs Diploma in Art, Book Illustrations and Graphics, from Shankar's Academy of art and book publishing, New Delhi, INDIA.


Poonam Southey is an Indian artist. She is a self-taught artist, has been drawing since her childhood and started painting in oil medium as early in 1989. She started her professional career as a graphic designer before turning into a full-time artist in art world.

Her Passion for doing Oil Paintings provokes her to have creative ideas with new techniques. Her paintings tools are BRUSHES & PALETTE KNIFE, gorgeous texture she brings with such magnificent tools.

She had started painting in oil medium as early in 1989. She found herself painting realistic and impressionist works later on. Her paintings depict the lives activities, nature, Still Life and culture of the common people of India and around the world. She is very much inspired from European old masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Caravaggio and Rembrandt.

Currently, her major working topics are based on European and Indian theme.

She is always known for her strong aesthetic sense, which also can be seen sometime in her real life based and imaginary paintings. She likes to paint on canvas with light and shades. She works towards bringing moments from the life. She always tries to pick those moments of life as subjects that would give her paintings a new kind of freshness and vitality through the usage of fresh and vibrant colors.

Her works have been purchased and commissioned by diverse private and corporate collectors in Delhi, India, USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

She is Living and working as full-time artist in Delhi, India.