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Artist Profile

The art of Querozito de Souza has always been one of exploration - an exploration of human relationships. Of what makes human beings tick; their loves and hates, their involvement with religion, life and death and the ambiguities existing in relationships with each other. Thus Querozito's prints and drawings have dealt with a wide variety of themes. Working mainly in Lithography, his compositions consisted of semi abstract forms which were organic in shape against fields of muted colour.

But in this exhibition Querozito homes in one of the most crucial interactions between the sexes: intimate sexual relations. Though themes of eroticism have been attempted by him previously, they do not focus on it as a powerfully and emphatically as these drawings do. The drawings are stark, mostly black and white with colour being introduced very subtly. The drawings betray an urgency which can be seen in the way of the lines have been drawn over and over again - the drawings are a visual eruptions creating obsessive linear rhythms. The lines outline and create voluminous bodies - bodies which are heavy, earthy and full with the promise of ripe sensuality. The lines construct the anatomy, encircling thighs breasts and phallus.

The lines resemble the bark of ancient trees or a network of veins.

The lines also resemble a whirlpool or web.

The lines contrasted against the whiteness of the pictorial space complements the delicate textured patterns which introduce colour into the composition. While the lines are used to construct the picture, colour patterns are employed to focus only on certain parts of the pictorial field. In his use of whole pictorial surface edge to edge, Querozito shifts from his older compositions wherein a more detached perspective of life and relationships was portrayed. Querozito now views the act of love and the coupling of bodies as close as possible, leading to the truncation of the extremities, the limbs and sometimes even the heads. Thus Querozito does not represent one particular couple in the act of love but all couples- this happens also when the heads are portrayed, they are masked off by a web of lines and remain completely anonymous. The use of erotic symbolism is both universal and personal. The bull, the tortoise and fish take the place of the phallus and vagina. The close up view of the anatomy, the darkened lines and the coloured patterns of dresses, bedspreads all coalesce, leading to an extremely attached point of view.

So much so that it results in a view point from within.

The depiction of sexual relationship ranges from the tentative first steps and the usual coupling to the realm of erotic fantasy and irrationality. Thus the real and the unreal themes of sexuality are explored and reinforced by representing powerful bodies throbbing with linear rhythms and highlighted by the blazing white of the pictorial surface and the subdued yet passionate colours of the patterned surfaces - all of it orchestrated with power and sensitivity. Querozito's drawings reveal an intensity and passion which may continue to be a preoccupation for some time to come.