Artist Profile

Raghava K K

Date of Birth: 5th October 1980

Solo Painting Shows

  • 2006-January-Ashvita Gallery, Chennai, India
  • 2006-October-‘Affairs’--Chitra Kala Parishat—Bangalore, India
  • 2006-June-Department of Energy, Government of Denmark—Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2006-June-Copenhagen Business School—Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2006-May-‘New Works’-as a part of Standard Chartered Bank’s ‘Art as Investment’ workshop-Taj Residency — Bangalore, India
  • 2006-April-‘Recent Works’-Ashvita Gallery-- Chennai, India
  • 2006-April-‘UTSAHA’-Taj Coromandel-- Chennai, India
  • 2006-March-ARTANA Gallery-- Brookline, MA, USA
  • 2005-November-Time and Space Art Gallery-Bangalore, India
  • 2005-October-San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, USA—exhibition of watercolors on canvas--Featured artist at the American India Foundation Gala
  • 2005-May-Palo Alto, CA, USA
  • 2005-February-“Art in Motion’-Windsor Manor—Bangalore, India
  • 2004-December-‘Atypical Attitudes’-Ashvita Gallery—Chennai, India
  • 2004-October- ARTANA Gallery-Brookline, MA, USA
  • 2004- June- The Gallery at the Courtyard (Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery)- Mumbai, India
  • 2003-December- Ashvita Gallery- Chennai, India
  • 2003- October- Thakur’s- Acton, MA, USA
  • 2003- May- ‘Tactile Symphony’- Taj Residency- Bangalore, India
  • 2002- December- Sriram’s- Lexington, MA, USA
  • 2002- October- Rotary House of Friendship- Bangalore, India
  • 2002- Royal Orchid Park Plaza- Bangalore, India
  • 2002-August- Wayland Manor- Providence, RI, USA
  • 2002- February- ‘Help-Ed Trust’- Bangalore, India
  • 2001- Intel Bangalore- Bangalore, India
  • 1999- Indian Embassy- Washington, D.C., USA
  • 1999- Indian Embassy- Rome, Italy

Group Shows

  • 2006-January-‘Young Masters’—Art Chamber, Galeria de Belas Artes—Goa, India
  • 2006-November-‘Contemporary Christian Art in India’ - Archbishop’s Palace—Goa, India
  • 2006-August-‘1001 Art Money’--Øksnehallen Gallery— Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2006-June-Time and Space Art Gallery—Bangalore, India
  • 2006-May-‘Buddha Show’--Time and Space Art Gallery— Bangalore India
  • 2006-May-‘The Art of Investment’—Ashvita Gallery—Chennai, India
  • 2006-April/May-‘Spectra’—Time and Space Art Gallery— Bangalore, India
  • 2006-April/May-Mahua Art Gallery-- Bangalore, India
  • 2006-April-‘Spectra’--Gallery Katayun—Calcutta, India
  • 2006-February-March—‘Spectra’—Art World Gallery—Chennai, India
  • 2005-December-Mumbai, India
  • 2005-December-“The Essence of India,” Mahua Art Gallery-Bangalore, India
  • 2005-October-‘Indian Contemporary Art’-Ashvita Gallery-Chennai, India
  • 2004-July- Ashvita Gallery- Chennai, India
  • 2003- November- ‘Meditations on Ganapathi’- Chicago, IL, USA
  • 2002- ‘Kaleidoscope of Colors’- Gallery Katayun-Calcutta, India- along with Ram Kumar,
  • Laxma Gaud, Krishen Khanna, Ravi Kumar Kashi and Bhupen Khakar.
  • 2002- Peck Gallery- Providence, RI, USA-along with various New England Artists
  • 2000- ‘Set a Child Free’- Renaissance Art Gallery- Bangalore, India- along with Milind Nayak
  • 2000- Gallery Zen- Bangalore, India- along with Milind Nayak
  • 2000- Ambassador’s Residence- Paris, France-along with S.H. Raza, Shakti Burman, Velu Vishwanathan, and others

Art Auctions/Charity Shows

  • 2006 Auction in aid of Bangalore Habba—The Taj West End—Bangalore, India
  • 2006 ‘Art for Concern’—Bangalore, India
  • 2006 ‘Kala 4 Vidya’—Rotary House of Friendship
  • 2006 ‘Art for a Cause’—in support of Foundation for Restoring Human Dignity (FORHD)—Bangalore, India
  • 2005 ‘Annual Art Auction’—Indo American Arts Council, New York, NY
  • 2005 Auction in aid of CRY—New York, NY
  • 2004 Lincoln Center, NY, USA—conducted by Christie’s, curated by the Indo American Arts Council
  • 2004 ‘Summer Gala Auction’- Queens Museum- Queens, NY, USA
  • 2004 ‘Art for Education’-Time and Space Art Gallery- Bangalore, India
  • 2003 'Art for a Cause"-in support of the Foundation for Restoring Human Dignity (FORDH)
  • 2003 Auction in support of Concern India Foundation
  • 2003 Auction by the Women's Overseas Club of Bangalore in support of various charities
  • 2001 Special Olympics celebrity evening- Bangalore, India
  • 2000 ASHA - AIDS foundation – Bangalore, India


  • 2000 The Indian Embassy – Rome, Italy
  • 1999 The Renaissance Art Gallery – Bangalore, India
  • 1999 The Taj Residency – Bangalore, India
  • 1999 'Contemporary Indian Art in Paris' - Indian Ambassador's Residence – Paris, France
  • 1998 'Mahatma Gandhi' - Karnataka Government Information Division – Bangalore, India
  • 1998 The Hindustan Times Cartoon competition - All metropolitan cities in India.
  • 1998 Karnataka Cartoonist's Association group exhibition – Dharwad, India
  • 1998 Yavanika Gallery – Bangalore, India
  • 1998 'PEACE' Alliance Francais de Bangalore –Bangalore, India
  • 1997 Yavanika Gallery – Bangalore, India