Artist Profile

Rahul Salve

Date of Birth : 24th January 1981


  • 2003 B.F.A.(APPLIED ART) from Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, AURANGABAD

There are two opposite view of Rahul’s work. One is totally figurative & the other is totally abstract.

His figurative works are based on pure drawing. Regularly sketching with pencil, charcoal, crayon and sometimes water colour has become customary part of his life. He pays special attention on the effect of shade & light. He paints figures from memory and from live models. Especially the use of water colour in figure which is the challenging job for every artist, he can easily handle. He works reflects his extraordinary love for the subject.

He is also emerging artist in abstract. His works are intricate but sensuous. He is meditative. He often immerse in abstract form. His journey is not only solitary but also an austerity. Earth, wind, water & light are the element of his paintings. He expresses the intensity of passions by stroke, colour & texture.

Through his work the viewer feels the experience of energy, serenity & sobriety.