Rajan Fulari






Artist Profile


I am moving; moving in the direction of a particular end because the end is a illusory as the beginning. The quest to seek and search is eternal. The human in me decides upon and plans, which is but a folly. I rationalise upon for something concrete. Surprisingly things happen on their own. I proceed because the next moment everything I had sought for becomes old. I proceed; to seek something new......

Life has been linked with a gamut of changes. But at this juncture too I still feel that I am just a beginner. The beginning perhaps has a purpose and a wish for self realisation.

Life is shaped according to space and time one lives in. Art came as a challenge in my life. This challenge propelled me with wings of imagination to create something concrete. I ventured to rid me of my confinements and left home, landing on other terrains, where I came across people of my kind. Thereby interaction with artists of different motivations and simply a change of place served as a nucleus to sort out problems that young artists like me face at the outset of a career. The chaos which I went through brought a realisation that helped me to see my past/present with clarity. This clarity is conducive to the depiction of human predicaments.

I have been working in printmaking for last few years, simultaneously doing drawings and painting. I use line as a formidable element to express. Printmaking offered me to learn its various and subtle nuances. My image making process remains the same in drawing, printing and printmaking.

Human Life interests me. My works reflect my perception of the immediate world around. They represent the metascapes of mind.

My journey has just begun. The end is unforeseen. I hve moved; I am moving and will continue to move on and on...

BIRTH AND PLACE : 1971, 1st January,Siolim, Goa