Artist Profile

  • 1968 - Born in Bangalore. 1988 - BFA (Painting), College of
  • Fine Arts, Bangalore. 1990 - MFA (Print Making), Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda.
  • 1995 - MA (English literature), Mysore University.


1991 - Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai. l994 - Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore and Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai. 1997 - Venkatappa Art Gallery and Crimson Art Resources, Bangalore, and Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai.


1991 - 'Three Print Makers' show, CCA Gallery, Delhi. 1993 - 'Small Format show, Sakshi Gallery, Bangalore and Chennai. Paintings show with Sridharamurthy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda. 1995 - 'Six contemporaries' show at Nirmal's Art Gallery, Bangalore. 'Four Print Makers' show, Sakshi Gallery, Bangalore. 'Celebration of Indian Art’ show, LKA Gallery, Hong Kong. 1997 - Galleria Mareechika, Cochin. 'Tribute to Mother Teresa, Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore. 'Police Benevolent Fund Aid' show, Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore. 1998 - 'The Creative Process,'. show curated by Shivji Panikker, The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai. National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. 'Metaphorical Spring Image,' Gallerie Leela, Mumbai. 1999 - 'Art with a Heart,' Windsor Manor, Bangalore.


1988 – 19th and 20th Annual exhibition of Karnataka Lalitkala Academy. 11th and 12th All India exhibition of Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore. AIFACS show, Delhi. 1989 - 'Young Print Makers,' show convened by CMC Gallery, Delhi. 'Artist Alert,' SAHAMAT, Delhi. 1990 - Bharath Bhavan, Biennial of Contemporary Art, Bhopal. 33rd and 34th Annual exhibition, Lalitkala Academy, Delhi. Prints exhibition convened by XAL PRAXIS Foundation, Cymroza Gallery, Mumbai. 'Artists From Baroda,' Cymroza Gallery, Mumbai. 1991 - 'Garhi Working Artists' exhibition, Garhi Studios, Delhi. 1992 - 'Miniature format painting exhibition,' Gulbarga. Graphic prints exhibition II convened by XAL PRAXIS Foundation, Cymroza Gallery, Mumbai. 1993 - 'Prints Today' exhibition, Karnataka Lalitkala Academy, Bangalore. 1995 'Chitra yatre,' travelling show, Karnataka Lalitkala Academy, Bangalore. XAL PRAXIS Foundation print show, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 'Hope' show for Cancer Patients Aid Association, Windsor Manor, Bangalore. 1996 - Sakhi Mandal charity show, The Oberoi, Bangalore. 1997 - Gift for India show by SAHAMAT, Delhi. 50 years of Karnataka Art, Windsor Manor, Bangalore. 1998 – 50th year of Indian Independence show, Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore.


1999 - 'Young Artist Award' by Kejriwal Trust. Karanataka Lalitkala Academy Annual Exhibition Award. 1990 - Karantaka Lalitkala Annual Exhibition award.

Gadgil Memorial Award in Bombay Art Society Exhibition. 1987-88- College of Fine Arts Exhibition Award.

Has participated in several painting and printmaking camps and workshops in various parts of the country. Works in public collections including Lalitkala Academy, Modern Art Gallery, Delhi and Department of Oriental Antiquities, British Museum, Baroda. Conttibutes regularly to The Times of India and Deccan Herald. Co-editor of Kannada art and cultural magazine 'Sanchaya' and writes for other Kannada magazines.

These ‘non-object’s are related to our way of living and my urban context in one way or the other. It is as if an intimate inventory has been maintained. I would like to emphasize that it has a strong personal note, as these packaging materials were discarded as a result of my consumption or somebody familiar to me. The packaging covers of various brushes, color tubes I have painted with and their containers as well as corrugated sheets/blister packs I have wrapped the paintings

In, wrappers of cakes, tooth brushes I have used, pens and runners of toys gifted, the stiff board in which a shirt was packed, the floppy diskette which once contained images of my works, cigarette packs and beer bottle crowns – the list is endless. Even a few hours of wandering throught the enchanting maze of the Sunday market, where discarded objects of the city find their way, has added quite a few interesting elements to my work.