Artist Profile

Rini Dhumal

Date Of Birth : 1948 ,Bengal


1972 M.A. Fine Arts (Painting), M.S. University, Baroda


  • 1993-Galerie Brita Printz, Madrid-Spain
  • 1992-Sakshi Gallery, Madras, Banglore
  • 1992-Gallery 7, Mumbai
  • 1991-Sakshi Gallery, Madras
  • 1991-Print Exhibition, Madrid-Spain
  • 1990-Galerie Art & Data, Frankfurt-Germany
  • 1990-Centre for Contemporary Art, New Delhi
  • 1988-Gallery 7, Bombay
  • 1987-Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi
  • 1987-Vithi Art Gallery, Baroda
  • 1986-Gallery 7, Bombay
  • 1986-Maxmuller Bhavan, Hyderabad.
  • 1985-Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad
  • 1985-University Austral de Chile, Valdivia- chile, S. America
  • 1983-Gallery Chemould, Bombay
  • 1981-Urja Art Gallery
  • 1976-Paris
  • 1974-Triveni Gallery, New Delhi


  • 1993-Indian Painting, Mainz- Germany
  • 1991-Print Biennale Frechen,Germany
  • 1991-International-Print Biennale,Taiwan
  • 1990-Asian European Biennale,Turkey
  • 1989-Festival of India-Moscow
  • 1989-Print Biennale-Yoguslavia
  • 1989-Print Biennale-Cuba
  • 1987-84-Print Biennale, Berlin Germany.
  • 1985-Contemporary Print Making in India-U.S.A
  • 1983-‘India In Prints’, Tropen Museum-Amsterdam.
  • 1980-Third World Biennale,London- U.K.
  • 1979-Sixth British International Print, Biennle-England.
  • 1976-Print Biennale- Madrid
  • 1976-Exhibiton of ‘Atelier 17’, University of California-U.S.A.
  • 1976-Group Exhibition,Athens-Greece
  • 1975-Print Biennale- France

Honours & Awards

  • 1994-96-Senoir Fellowship, Ministry of Human Resource-N. Delhi
  • 1988-M. S. Randhawa Award,Aifacs-N. Delhi
  • 1988-National Award - L.K.A.
  • 1985-Aifacs Award N.Delhi
  • 1983-85-Research Fellowship,Ministry of Human Resource- N.Delhi
  • 1977-Group 8 Award
  • 1975-76-French Govt. Scholarship, Worked under Sir S.W. Hayter At 'Atelier 17', Paris & Krishna Reddy.
  • 1973-75-Govt. of India Cultural Scholarship.,Worked under Prof. K.G.Subramanyan
  • 1974-Governors Gold Medal,Calcutta.
  • 1972-Chancellor's Gold Medal

Artist Interview

Her definition of Art

I believe in art which speaks a universal language - which has a life of its own - one with a certain degree of permanence which portrays the feel and flow of life with al its coloured nuances and experience. A life lived to the full. A certain 'playfullness' permeates my works and portrays a deep inner psyche of the female, its joys, its traumans, the language is sensual, not merely cerebral. It has to have an instinctual relationship with nature and the world around us. Today one speaks of negating aesthetics - but can aesthetics ever be denied? Can be wiped out from this world, which is so varied and beautiful?

Her experience as a teacher

I am a painter/ printmaker and teaching at the faculty of Fine Arts since 1984. The faculty of Fine Arts is a very unique institution in the country and widely known here and abroad. It is important when you are part of this institution to understand the ethics and ethos of the place. The institution was built by visionaries who had an understanding and perception of how a fine art faculty should function. As a part of an institution one has to question why this has happened and in future how best to sustain this identity and strive for excellence. As a teacher and artist I sincerely feel the importance of total dedication and commitment to the student and not collide with personal gains in the outer world of fame and success. Only then will an institution blossom.

The Pictorial Language in her works

The pictorial language of my works deal with myths and dreams - images from the real world and the subconscious with symbolic refrences - flying females which to me are associated with sexual desires, trees, fruits, etc. The female is not dormant but vibrates a latent power.

The Significance of Colour

Colour plays an important role forming a total art language. It is colour which speaks to me and has an instinctive relationship with the nature and the world around. Colours overlaps juxtapose slash each other creating a tremendous variety of tonality and movements through lines and textures.

On her experimentations in different mediums

The handling of multimedia has given me the flexibility in manipulating the potential of each of them. There is an organic interplay of energy between figures, objects and space. Each medium speaks its own language and expresses a significant expression within the frame through colour and line and the transparent psyche. The potential and challenge offered by various artistic mediums led me to try my hands on clay and bronzes in relief and relate graphically to this medium.I have no inhibition regarding any technique. The insatiable search by an artist is never ending and adds to the growth and individual philosophy of the visual language.