Artist Profile

"My work is influenced greatly by myth and in particular the eternal play of creation and destruction."

Simeen Oshidar says that they represent her belief that all animate and inanimate forms are connected in this never-ending story and this is what she tries to express in her works. The Human form is used fluidly as universes in themselves, as symbols of fertility, as nurturers and as silent observers. The forms slip in and out of each other sometimes taking on each other's characteristics-hair becomes water- an arched torso becomes the night sky, the curves of the body form rolling hills and meandering streams. In Oshidar's earlier work many forms are repeated, forming patterns- and of late this action is replicated in the use of hundreds of tiny sequins taking on the shape of an object. They too speak of the fact that we are all made up of the same 'stardust'. The use of sequins is similar to the use of gold and silver foil, in her earlier glass works. "The zari in sarees, the shining gold halos in our traditional religious paintings All around us we see the sparkle in what may seem our dull lives.. Existence in a place of extremes. Figures in my paintings are in a state of anticipation. A kind of stillness before coming alive or at the point of dissolution. Never are our senses stretched to that point of anticipation than at these two times in our lives."

While talking about Oshidar's works in the Times of India said that "Oshidar's paintings are portraits of felicity, fecundity; their surging textural passages enshrine the moment of fruition, the aftermath of desire. The female body is a palpable presence and yet a vessel of archetypal forces. In casting woman, successively as earth mother, lover and seductress, Oshidar confirms to the typology of the female that has characterised a long line of European masters."

Simeen Oshidar has done her M.A. in painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.University, Baroda. The artist lives and works in Mumbai.