Theodore Mesquita





Artist Profile

In the foundation of my artistic endeavors, I have been consumed with the constant urge, to deliver and sustain my expression, which through my painting years have strived to advance contemporary articulation.

My work records body culture, and its corroboration within the articulation of signs and symbols. Signs and symbols for me offer infinite possibilities to explore the inherent associations present in the animate and inanimate subject. As subjects of contention and thereby forms of expression and understanding, as I believe they cut across the world wide cultural divide of confusion and acrimony. Arriving and contributing into a profound and perceptive communion.

For me signs and symbols manifest themselves, in a state of cultural pluralism, wherein the archetypal figuration is reflected, recognized and regained, through the environs of the imagined and real. All this and more... steered deep in, the faith in art and the covenant of picture making.

Pictures that evolve in continuum, of significant images of my time, engaging in a world view of pluralism, and yet the singular...