Artist Profile

Youngo Verma (b.1938)

A painter and sculptor par excellence, born 1938 in Kherikalan, Haryana in India. Graduated from Delhi College of Fine Art in Sculptural Art in 1964. He has had the good fortune of learning from and working with the great Indian masters BC Sanyal and KS Kulkarni. After his graduation, he taught Art and Sculpture for few years in Jamia Millia College Delhi. In 1971, influenced by the Bauhaus school, he moved to Germany to study art at Frankfurt Stadel College under Michael Croissant, where he further honed his skills in sculpture and bronze castings. During his 10 years in Germany, Youngo worked tirelessly sketching, painting and sculpting from live models. He held several solo shows, group exhibitions and commissioned works. In 1981, he moved to Toronto, Canada. A man of strong conviction, Youngo has worked for the last four decades exploring the subtle and intense interface of light and dark, and the presence of duality in everything around us. He has come up with highly evocative expressions which transport the viewer into a galaxy of discovery and inspiration. Genre of Youngo’s work Is as eclectic, diverse and unique as that of the European masters Rodin, Degas and Brancusi.

His three dimensional graphite sketch work bears his signature of originality, labour of love and uncompromising commitment. He captures elemental forms close to human sensitivity with ease and precision. He brings complexity, ambivalence, tension and paradox to play upon these forms by intertwining them, inverting them, and twisting them rhythmically while giving a fine texture and plastic like effect to his drawings. His use of colour, form and light in his paintings add a mystical streak that evokes eroticism. He has incorporated Tantra in his work, while preserving the sanctity of its pristine spirit. Youngo has also created many sculptures, murals and installations in wood, ceramics and metal. Some of his statues and fountain figures adorn public buildings across India, Nepal, Germany and Canada. He has made portraits and busts of many celebrities. There is a strong element of modernity in Youngo’s work. His sculptures are minimalist in their form yet offering a wide variety of details for the inquisitive eye. The interplay of dark and light with granularity around the periphery is the magic and essence of his artistry. Scientific explorations in astronomy and cellular biology reinforce ones sense of wonder and mystery in his work. Youngo’s graphite drawings, taking off from his metal sculptures of yore, lead us directly to the question: What is art, and what is the role of an artist in this end-century? These are crucial issues arising from his affirmation of the transcendent imagination, his conception of art not as career but as vocation. Different from mere self-flattering pictures, Youngo’s work has the sense of someone seeing things through a transforming glass. It is the transmuted substance, the metamorphosis perceived and arrested in the instant of change which defines the artist’s eye. Without the transformation process, the inscribed line, would remain grounded. Most recently, he has been working on a series of drawings on cosmic forms.

Major Exhibitions

1963 – National Exhibition of Art, New Delhi – India 1965 – Shridharni Gallery, New Delhi – India 1965 - National Exhibition of Art, New Delhi – India 1965 – All India Art and Craft Society Exhibition, New Delhi – India 1968 – National Exhibition of Art, New Delhi - India 1968 – Ceramic Masks (Sculptures), New Delhi – India 1968 - Triveni Kala, New Delhi – India 1968 – All India Art and Craft Society Exhibition, New Delhi – India 1970 – Gallery Ventura, New Delhi – India 1972 – Gallery-Puth Hessen Center, Frankfurt – Germany 1973 – Galeries Des Artes, Dusseldrof – Germany 1974 – American Army Chapel Art Show, Frankfurt – Germany 1975 – Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi – India 1975 – Union Club International, Frankfurt – Germany 1978 – Frankfurt Artists Annual Exhibition – Germany 1979 – Gallery “Der Laden” Frankfurt – Germany 1979 – BFG Gallery, Frankfurt – Germany 1979 – Opera House, Orillia – Canada 1980 – Gallery “Der Laden” Frankfurt – Germany 1980 – Exhibition of three Indian Artists, Mainz – Germany 1981 – Exhibition of sculptures, Manheim – Germany 1981 - Goethe Institute, Toronto – Canada 1981 – Gallery “O”, Toronto – Canada 1981 – Artists’ Space, Toronto – Canada 1981 – District Burnhamthrope Library, Mississauga – Canada 1981 – Gallery College Park, Toronto – Canada 1983 – Harbourfront, Toronto – Canada 1983 – City Hall, Mississauga – Canada 1984 – Central Hospital, Toronto – Canada 1985 – Sensuous Art, Atelier J Lukacs, Toronto – Canada 1985– Central Hospital, Toronto – Canada 1985 – Alliance Francaise de Toronto – Canada 1988 – Region of Peel Art Gallery, Brampton – Canada 1989 – Municipal Building, City of York, Toronto – Canada 1992 – Gallery Pegasus, Toronto – Canada 1993 – Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi – India 1998 – Studio “55”, New Delhi – India 1998 – Government College of Fine Art, Chandigarh – India 2003 – Springbank Art Center, Mississauga – Canada 2004 – Design Exchange, Toronto – Canada 2005 – South Asian Gallery of Art, Oakville – Canada Major


Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York, USA Royal Palace of Nepal, Khatmandu, Nepal South Asian Gallery of Art, Toronto, Canada City of Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany Toronto School Board, Toronto, Canada.