Artist Profile

Zainul Abedin (1914-1976)

Art critic, O. C. Ganguly wrote in 1944 on his Famine Sketches, " in the daring Bravado of his pitiless strokes there is a spontaneity, sincerity, and an uncompromising realism which is rare among modern artists of Bengal. He has, indeed, opened a new page in modern painting by his distinguished contributions.

His works encompass fascinating collages, sculptures, prints and painted wooden surfaces. “My works stem from personal conversation with myself”, says Rawal. Much of these dialogues are internalised and finally expressed through paintings. Yogesh feels that art teaching often misses out on some of the fundamentals of art practice. Light is one such ‘fundamental’ on which Yogesh dwells at length. Much of his etchings have evolved from the study of light.