Goa With Love by Mario


Nobody is better equipped to capture vignettes of Goan life than Mario Miranda. For the last 20 years the celebrated cartoonist has captured lively scenes from the villages and towns of this former Portuguese colony with trademark insight. The overloaded village bus packed with baskets of fish¦ buxom beauties suited sahibs. Enjoy some of Marios finest sketches, excerpted from his collection, Goa with love.

Ferry across the Zuari River

Swaying palms and guitars playing; games on the sand; pretty Senhorinas and gay  Cavalheiros dancing under the stars.

A wedding of fisherfolk.


A Goa village market is all noise and bustle, scents and smells, a strange mixture of fish and flowers. Buxom, garrulous fisherwomen, with sweet-smelling zaios adorning their hair, are busy enticing wily customers to buy their delicious river fish.